About Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker is a confidence coach, speaker, radio presenter and blogger. She founded She Coaches Confidence in 2015 and supports organisations and individuals with confidence and self-belief. Lucy has recently returned to Lincolnshire after 27-years away and her interests include neurodiversity, women’s rights and all things music.

Mother of three Lucy is a blogger at Geriatric Mum and alongside her confidence work champions mum who happen to be older. She has recently appeared on Good Morning Britain and BBC5Live, BBC Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio London and Talk TV with Vanessa Feltz talking about her experience of being an older mum.

Read the blog here: Geriatric Mum Blog

The thought of speaking to a confidence coach initially was daunting, but from the first meeting with Lucy I felt completely at ease. She has a gentle and approachable manner - she is a GREAT listener - she is non-judgemental.

With the ability to gently pluck key facts and information from questions asked, and through carefully prepared worksheets, Lucy has helped me to remember who I am, understand things about myself, to carefully unravel the tangled mess in my mind by journaling and free-writing. Lucy has taught me to set small, achievable goals - tiny steps. I am learning to be true to myself by speaking out with confidence and making decisions, and I am so glad to be working with her one-to-one. She instils confidence!