Become a confidence coach

An expert, fully interactive, supportive course that will teach you how to become a confidence coach (BACC).

In this course, you will work very closely with Lucy over six weeks and on completion you will be armed with all the knowledge and skills you need to embark on your new coaching career. BACC covers everything from coaching styles, coaching techniques, questioning and listening training all the way through to how you will set out as a confidence coach – and in between all of that, you get you coach your first client with full expert supervision from Lucy.

What’s included?

  • 6 x 1-hour live video training sessions with worksheets with Lucy Baker – recorded for your use after the course
  • A supervised client practice session fully organised by Lucy Baker – recorded for your use after the course
  • 6-weeks of group WhatsApp support with Lucy and your course colleagues
  • 1 x 1-hour private coaching session to discuss your ideas, your own confidence and more (worth £150)
  • A beautiful journal to use throughout the course – just for you – which will be sent to your home

Course schedule:

  • Week One is introduction week where you will meet your fellow course mates and dive into these important questions; what is confidence? what is coaching?
  • Week Two focuses on coaching styles, coaching techniques and effective questioning. You will also work on listening and use of language.
  • Week Three is the week that Lucy shares her exact coaching style and how she makes money as a coach. Expect confidence, coaching and industry knowledge this week and nothing will be left out. Lucy shares with you exactly how she coaches (systems, tools, techniques) so that you can do the same with your clients.
  • Week Four is a look behind the scenes with key information on accounting, pricing, packages, how to attract clients, up-to-date information on Ts&Cs, privacy policies, business contracts and all things admin.
  • Week Five is the week you will put everything you have learned to the test in your first one-to-one coaching session with a client. This session is observed and recorded for feedback purposes.
  • Week Six focuses on feedback from your one-to-one client session and in addition there is a focus on social media and getting crystal clear on how you are going to start in your role as a confidence coach.

All sessions are fully interactive and end with a Q&A session. All sessions are recorded.

Course cost:

The 6-week course costs just £1495 – this includes weekly workbooks and journal. Payment plans of 2 payments and 3 payments are available – click purchase now below to find out more.

Lucy Baker is committed to providing affordable accessible coaching for all.

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I’ve just completed the Become a Confidence Coach course with Lucy and it has really taken me to the next level. From umming and ahing about what to do and not being sure how to go about becoming a coach Lucy has really given me everything I need to get started. The space that Lucy creates on the course is brilliant, the ladies on the course have become close and really supportive of each other, it’s women and empowering women and Lucy has created such a comfortable, chilled vibe where you’re amongst friends.

The information and hands on experience Lucy offers as part of this course is invaluable and has been exactly what I needed to start off on my own coaching journey. Not only has Lucy really helped me over these last few weeks but I know I have her ongoing support and will always be someone I can turn to. I wish I could put the true value of the course into words, it is an emotional journey as well as one to gain knowledge and I know that I now have everything I need to be a great confidence coach.

Hanna BousoufLife & Confidence Coach