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The Confidence Rooms podcast series is an extension of my work as an expert on confidence. I have helped many women to understand and grow their self-esteem and self-belief through 1-1 and group coaching.

I launched The Confidence Rooms to empower and inspire women everywhere to understand that many many women who are ‘doing well’ in life have had a continue to have confidence issues, too. This podcast will help women to let go of what is holding them back and embrace a new, more confident way of life.

In series one, I explored the fascinating, multi-faceted topic of confidence. My guests and I shared insider insights into how it works (or for many of us, doesn’t), and you get to hear about some of the tools and practices that will help to give yours a much-needed boost.

Each episode, I spoke to inspiring women from all walks of life to find out about their confidence highs and lows, and the ways in which their confidence affects their daily lives and their work/business life.

Whether you suffer from fluctuating confidence levels, are scared to speak your mind, are a people-pleaser or are worried about what others think of you, if your low confidence is holding you back, then take some time out to listen to my podcast series and you will understand not only how confidence works, but also what you might need to do to grow and maintain yours for a better, more fulfilled CONFIDENT life.

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