How To Be Confident



Would you love to work on your confidence, but you don’t feel ready to commit to one-to-one coaching?

How To Be Confident is a brilliant introduction to confidence and it is exactly the same content as one-to-one coaching but in an easy-to-follow audio delivery that you can listen to in your own time. It is a low-level time commitment for maximum results.

In the three-part audio course you will get to know yourself (which is KEY for confidence) and you will become crystal clear on the reasons why your confidence may be low. Through a range of carefully explained, effective exercises (that you do away from the course in your own time), you will start to truly understand your confidence and be armed with the knowledge of how to design a confidence strategy that will help you build and maintain a good level of confidence today, tomorrow and always.

The course is 30-mins long and broken down into three easy-to-understand chunks. Let’s face it, no-one wants to sit listening to someone speak for hours on end about a topic, which is why this course is punchy, to-the-point and brilliant. Throughout the course, Lucy walks (talks) you through exactly what you need to do to be confident so that you become in control of your confidence and start to enjoy the new confident you. We all know how useful confidence is in life, but the reality is that not many people have it and having it means; you can make decisions, move forwards, enjoy work, speak up, eradicate imposter syndrome, own your behaviour and push yourself forwards WITH CONFIDENCE.

The course:

  • Part 1: Introducing the three foundations of confidence and getting to know yourself (12 mins)
  • Part 2: Working on understanding and processing your negative thoughts and understanding how to change your mindset into a positive one (7 mins)
  • Part 3: Tracking your confidence, journaling (which is totally fab!) and writing your confidence strategy (9 mins)

Commit to your confidence with Lucy Baker’s new expert confidence course How To Be Confident. Order your copy of the course and you and your confidence will thank you for it.