How To Be Confident Course



How do self-conscious women reach out for help with their confidence? The truth is, many don’t have the pluck. A confidence course that can be listened to on headphones is private, introductory and emboldening.

Lucy Baker realised she had a career as a confidence coach after helping a global CEO overcome her fear of public speaking. She was working as a makeup artist, hired to get this woman ready to address the entire company at a conference. Whilst getting her makeup done, this CEO began to spiral. Phrases like “I can’t do it,” “What if I fall over,” “Oh my God, I think I forgot my speech” tripped off her tongue as she panicked.  Lucy managed to calm her down and then talk her back up again.  The conference address went brilliantly. The next day she got a text thanking her. It said she saved this woman’s career.

Excited, Lucy began to read about confidence and work on her own. That work led to the development of exercises, workshops and coaching techniques Lucy could use to help anyone suffering from self-doubt. From that, she developed an audio course covering the foundational tenants of her advice, including exercises that can be done in your own time. By explicitly making it an audio course, and therefore totally confidential and private, Lucy is holding out a hand of support to those who are taking their first, timid steps towards stronger self-worth. This course is the culmination of eight years of Lucy’s experience working with people to change their lives by changing their mindset and their confidence.

  • Part 1: Introducing the three foundations of confidence and getting to know yourself.
  • Part 2: Understanding and processing negative thoughts and changing mindset into a positive one.
  • Part 3: Tracking confidence, journaling and writing a confidence strategy.

Improve your confidence with this confidential 3-Part Audio Course.