Perfectly Confident

From £300

From £300

PERFECTLY CONFIDENT: You haven’t got low confidence – you just think you have!

PERFECTLY CONFIDENT is a six-week course that will take you on a journey to help you get to know who you really are and to unlock the confidence that you already have. The course will help you to see the power of thought and its affect on your mental well-being and free you from the idea that you have low confidence, resulting in a change in the way you live your life and enabling you to live more peacefully and confidently.

1. Introduction
2. Common Beliefs
3. Let’s Talk About You
4. What You Need For Confidence
5. Quiet Mind Confidence
6. The Key To Confidence

The course will suit you if you need to feel more confident in any area of your life no matter what your current circumstances are.

All live sessions are with confidence coach, Lucy Baker.

Start Date: Monday 20th May 2024
Enrolment deadline: 17th May 2024

£300 pay in full

£350 pay in 2 instalments



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