Low confidence negatively impacts work

Sadly, one thing many successful working women have in common is low confidence. You see, appearing confident on the outside doesn’t always equal true confidence on the inside, and without true inner confidence, work-life can be beyond challenging. Imposter syndrome, fear of public speaking, problems communicating and having a negative mindset are some of the symptoms of low confidence and they have a negative impact on the way women act and feel at work.

Every week I speak to women who tell me that their lack of confidence is having a negative effect on them, and I can empathise – I’ve been there! It’s the reason I became a confidence coach. My coaching is carefully designed for women who struggle to feel fully confident at work. Through tailored sessions I help my clients to fully get to grips with why confidence is low and give them the tools to grow their confidence. The result? Self-belief and feeling confident becomes the new normal.

I just had a much needed a 1-1 with Lucy. I had an incredibly stressful situation with work, so I took time out and made contact with Lucy because I wanted to understand where my negative thoughts and feelings were coming from. Our session really helped me to understand why and how my confidence was low. Like all these things, it is working progress and I can't wait to work with Lucy again in the new year. Thank you, Lucy – these words are used everyday day, but this is from the heart.

I don’t suggest people reach out to the universe to improve their lives.

I don’t believe that confidence is something that can magically be put right, I believe that it takes time, determination and a good coach. A good coach is vital to guide and support you to understand and grow your confidence. There is nothing worse than believing that everyone around you is more confident than you, because it simply is not true.

Here’s a secret; the ones who are confident are usually the ones who work on their confidence.

How do I know it works? Not so long ago, my confidence was at an all-time low. After a lot of hard work, coaching, digging deep and working on my mindset, I started to understand how I worked as a person and then I started to grow my confidence.

Today, I am a different woman – truly confident, inside and out.

Previously I would have shied away from speaking in public; now, I can speak on TV and radio, on stage, in groups and online as a confidence expert. My life, my work and my income have improved dramatically as a consequence.

Over the past six years I have helped many people achieve the same success. I can do the same for you. As a committed coach, I will support you through every stage of your journey to feeling confident, after which I promise you will emerge as a better, more confident version of yourself.

If you are dealing with anything in the list below, I can and will help:

Imposter syndrome

Negative thoughts

Self-sabotaging behaviour

Low self-belief

Worrying about what others think of you


Fear of decision making

Fear of public speaking




(+ many more)