With 18-years’ experience under my (brush) belt, I am proud to offer MAKEUP MASTERY; online and in-person lessons, events and personal shopping sessions for women who need help choosing and using make-up. Make-up stores are crammed to the rafters with make-up brands with hundreds of items to choose from – and it is very confusing! I will help you with buying the right make-up for your needs and your budget. I am also highly experienced with music shoots, magazine shoots, branding shoots, weddings, TV work and fashion shows. Based in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.

Confidence with make-up comes in many forms, from not wasting money on unnecessary products to knowing how to wear make-up that makes you feel good and suits you, your age and your lifestyle. I’d go as far as saying it is like riding a bike – once you know, you know! But the thing is, most people do not know how to buy or apply make-up. Is it time to wave goodbye to the make-up you don’t need and techniques that don’t suit you? #makeupmastery

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MAKEUP MASTERY | PRO LESSON (online) | 90-mins


  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • Make-up bag analysis session
  • Bespoke make-up lesson
  • Step-by-step make-up guide
  • Product suggestions
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  • Need beautiful long-lasting make-up for a wedding, special occasion, an event? – use the contact page or email
  • Want to guided around the shops and taught HOW to buy the right make-up to suit you and your budget? Email
  • Future events be advertised online and on social media (@she_coaches_confidence)
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